Q&A Q Can I design and produce a packaging/P.O.P. application following the design I have in mind? A You may surely design the packaging and P.O.P that you need and want, and PRINTOPACK SA is here to help you turn your idea, or concept, into a real product. Nevertheless, you should always [...]

Rigid Box


Rigid Box Rigid Boxes belong in the premier league of the packaging industry offering excellent structural rigidity, a premium feel - as well as a sense of luxury – while serving as the brand ambassador for the products inside. PRINTOPACK SA is the only vertically integrated Rigid Box manufacturer in Greece. [...]

Special Constructions


Special Constructions A Special Construction can be a tailor made construction, a display application, an ultra large construction, or even a dummy product. Whatever our customer needs to stand out from the crowd!

Promo Packs


Promo Packs Specially designed boxes to serve as gift boxes. Promo Packs house product promo editions. For this reason, a Promo Pack needs to be carefully designed, well laid out, and conform to quality controlled production procedures.

Display Boxes


Display Boxes Specially designed boxes to serve both as product transportation packs, keeping products intact throughout shipment, while serving as display P.O.P. applications.

Desk Stands


Desk Stands These are stands of smaller size, usually located on top of desk or counter selling points, forming an easy and practical P.O.P. application.

Floor Stands


Floor Stands These big size constructions, are especially designed for maximum product visibility and promotion and account for the most popular promotional and selling point P.O.P. applications. They are practical and affordable. Because Floor Stands tend to get allocated at customers’ sales areas for long periods of time, the design and [...]

Standalone Packs


Standalone Packs Standalone Packs are used for successfully transmitting the brand image and the special characteristics of the products inside. These are designed to keep products safe, communicating promo messages and securing the inserted products to safely reach the end users.

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