Q Can I design and produce a packaging/P.O.P. application following the design I have in mind?

A You may surely design the packaging and P.O.P that you need and want, and PRINTOPACK SA is here to help you turn your idea, or concept, into a real product. Nevertheless, you should always bear in mind that although every innovative packaging design, or concept, may bring additional value to your product, there are always, engineering and/or cost restraints, to affect the final product.

Q Is there a minimum packaging/P.O.P. order that I need to comply with, in order to become your customer? 

A  PRINTOPACK SA, is always at your disposal to try and satisfy your special packaging/P.O.P. needs. Nevertheless, you should be aware that PRINTOPACK SA is not a retail store, but an integrated packaging and P.O.P. producer, carefully looking after your packaging/P.O.P. needs, offering the best product at the best market price.

Q I want to find the best packaging/P.O.P. products, at the lowest price. Is this PRINTOPACK SA?

A Sometimes companies, and even individual consumers, tend to select the cheapest suppliers. Yet, as product quality is strongly related to its costs, you end up getting what you have paid for. At PRINTOPACK SA, we present our customers with a range of different alternatives regarding the final outcome, the materials involved, and their pricing. We propose, you select, we create!